After our first DBS information night last week several  people asked if they could start groups. Ivanildo suggested everyone wait one more week so we could all get a bit more understanding. The next Friday night (August 28, 2015) we had our biggest rainstorm in months. Thirteen people still showed up. Ivanildo and Monica shared some tips to get started well and the group asked good questions. Two of the guys from our first group were present so they could share their experiences. It was a rich time.

In our first Discovery Bible Study, group members take turns facilitating the meeting at 6:30 a.m., twice a week. We meet in the neighborhood.
The fourth question is “What are the needs of the community?” All 14 or 15 steps are designed to build the right DNA into the group so they can become disciples of Jesus and so that the group may eventually turn into a church. This question is designed so the group will understand Christians help people (social action). Eliete said her neighbour asked her if she could ask the mission for a mattress. We talked about the desperate needs of this woman. I suggested we make a group project out of it. Eliete remembered the last time she helped (maybe by asking the mission) this lady (maybe by asking the mission) it was accidentally left out in the yard got ruined. Edilton said he would look around for a second hand mattress we can buy. Everyone agreed to help out. If this works out we will deliver the gift as a group of neighbors. This is a big step for our little group because each one of the four wants to start another group very soon. If they take this Social Action DNA with them, how cool is that? Can you imagine groups of neighbors helping the needy around the city? I left that meeting with a song in my heart like I cannot remember for a long time. And it lasted quite awhile.

At the second Friday night meeting everyone tried to imagine how this would work with their unsaved friends. We think this tactic will resonate with those who do not like church or Christians but who still want to know about God. These people are willing to stick to the Bible story of the day, not complicating things with denominational doctrines or church cultural issues. Also, since the Bible is the authority, and the Holy Spirit is the teacher, almost anyone can help others start groups. I think this must be how it happened in the first and second century and the gospel spread rapidly. There is no bottle-neck of certifying leaders.

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