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Encountering God- Sunday July 5,2015

Hi Kids!

Wow! What a powerful sermon that Pastor Lorne preached on Sunday! I could hardly keep up with my notes and all the GOOD things he had to say!

I hope you made your way to the info desk this week to pick up your Kids Sermon Notes handout. What a great tool for helping us stay focused on God’s word during the preaching time!
Here’s a couple answers for your Kids Sermon Sheet:
The scripture of the day (which Pastor Lorne GAVE you the answer for!) was Isaiah 6:1-8. What an AWESOME and INSPIRING story about a man who encountered God! If you haven’t already done so this week, go back and read and the story again! There are so many treasures in this story!
Pastor Lorne had some awesome point about encountering WHO GOD is, encountering WHO WE are and God cleansing us to GO in our world!

What word did you put that you had trouble understanding? I put, HOLY. Which Pastor gave a definition for: To be Holy means to be absent of free from sin, absolute perfection. Wow! What a powerful word! I know that God is Holy and He cleanses me and makes me holy. He enables me to GO and do his work on the earth!

We LOVE hearing from you! This week in the comments section, write what word you didn’t understand and try to give what you think it means. (if others know they can jump in on the discussion too!)
We would also love to hear what you put the section called “Write or draw something you heard in the sermon or song today”.

See you next Sunday for another great message! Come say hi if you see me in the halls 🙂
– Mrs.K

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