God’s presence is so close to you right now.

Do you ever feel somewhat disconnected, like you’re in a fog? What’s really tough is when you feel like everyone else around you is moving forward, and you’re not sure what you did wrong and then how to get back.

If you’re like me, when you take time to be with God, there are times when it’s tough to hear his voice, and other times when you sense him more clearly.

Today, as I was taking a moment to just listen to God’s voice, I was struck again by that one thing that always draws me close, always breaks through the fog, and always settles my heart. It’s the one thing that constantly amazes me and the one thing that I feel very unworthy of, because of the shortcomings of my life. It’s the one thing that lifts me up, helps me to see God’s smile and to sense his thoughts toward me. It’s what rises above all the noise, all the struggles, all the disappointments, all the challenges, and shrugs in the face of those things because this one thing is constant, unchanging.

It’s God’s love. It’s for you today. And no matter how you feel, it’s stronger and brighter today than you realize. Thank goodness, because I’m not sure where I’d be without that love.

There’s a song that I want to encourage you to listen to:

The words say, “Speak to me, let my heart be awakened by the whispering of love. Pull me close to your heart. Let the silence now be filled with your voice.”

Listen to this song and let it be your prayer to God today. My prayer for you is that you would know this love that God has for you. What a gift we have in Jesus and his loving presence is so close to you right now. Give him your heart. He will fill the space where you are right now. You are not alone.