Community Help

We’re in this together!

With all the things that have been changing during this current Covid-19 pandemic, we have been adapting our strategies to keep involved in our community.  Being in touch with some of our amazing community organizations we have learned of some ways that we can help. If you’re able to join us in these endeavours please fill out the form below to connect directly with Jannette Loosdrecht, our Outreach Director, for more details.



1) Additional Starfish Backpacks 

2) Salvation Army Food Bank 

3) Cyrus Centre 

How to give? 

Designate your online donations by using the word “relief” in the memo field of your etransfer or as a part of your account number when using online banking. 



In 2011 City Life Church adopted Bernard Elementary school to offer Afternoon Adventures to the students. Since then we have developed a strong relationship with the Bernard community. From Christmas Banquets to year-end BBQ’s to help with needs as they have been brought to our attention. 

COVID 19 caused us to re-think on how we can continue to connect with the Bernard families and together with Bernard Vice Principal we have adjusted Covid 19-style: different ways but more than ever committed to stay connected! 

  • Jannette will be notified of the needs by the Bernard staff and will connect the Bernard family with a suitable City Life family.  

What does this entail for you? 

  • Possibly pick up groceries once a week (can be reimbursed by City Life Church) 
  • Call the family once or twice a week, ask how they are doing, find out about needs and establish relationship.  
  • Possible help with schoolwork 
  • Stay in touch with Jannette about progress made and if extra support is needed? 
  • Policies and guidelines will be provided 
  • Criminal record check may be required 
  • Donate supplies as needed and indicated here on the website 
  • Current needs: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes 
  • Items can be dropped off at the Bernard Elementary main entrance between 9am – 3pm on weekdays (45465 Bernard Ave, Chilliwack).  
  • Jannette will work in connection with the school to connect City Life people with the Bernard students/families. Including giving you information on policies and guidelines.  
  • Criminal record check may be required 

Starfish Backpack

Starfish Backpack Program helps feed hungry kids in Chilliwack and helps families who do not have enough food on weekends. 

In 2019 City Life Church partnered with the local Starfish Backpack Program funding 30 Starfish Backpacks for Bernard families. In addition, we have developed a Fill the Gap Program, providing backpacks during the holidays for the Bernard Starfish Backpack families.

  • Cost per backpack: $15.00 per week for one family 
  • 340 Backpacks are being provided to the community per week until the end of June including 40 backpacks to Bernard families 
  • This Summer City Life is also planning to fill the gap by providing those same Bernard families with backpacks throughout the summer.   
  • Fill backpacks 
  • Deliver backpacks to the schools 
  • Protective gear (masks and gloves) are required but not provided  

(Please note that all volunteer positions are currently filled but you can add your name to the on call/back-up list) 

Salvation Army Food Bank

The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs, and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world.

The Salvation Army in Chilliwack began in 1924 and today encompasses two ministry centers: the Chilliwack Community Church and the Care & Share Centre.

  • Donate supplies as needed and indicated here on the website  
  • Current needs: canned fish, meat, canned pasta, juice, canned soup, canned fruit, meal helper, canned chilli, 500 mg peanut butter 
  • Urgent needs: hand sanitizer and masks for volunteers to keep everyone safe and able to do their job 
  • Supplies can be dropped off at the Salvation Army Care and Share Location during regular office hours during weekdays. (45746 Yale Rd, Chilliwack) 

Cyrus Centre

A community-based response to community needs, working with the diverse communities to bring about creative solutions. Cyrus Centre is dedicated to vulnerable and homeless youth. Cyrus Centre offers programs and services to guide and equip youth for success and enhance their quality of life. The services provided are designed to meet individual needs. Cyrus Centre up until COVID 19 was available for service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Many of the services are provided during this pandemic yet in different format 

  • Donate supplies as needed and indicated here on the website 

Current Needs

Drop off supplies at Cyrus Centre on their front doorsteps. Please call them to arrange a drop off time. (604-795-5773 | 45845 Wellington Ave, Chilliwack)  

Cyrus Centre is still providing all the same services but had to change HOW they reach out to the youth. They currently work with a skeleton staff but may have the occasional opportunity for volunteers to be hands on.  

Chilliwack Community Services

Chilliwack Community Services (CCS) provides a wide range of programs to people living within Chilliwack and surrounding neighbourhoods. As a long-standing member of the community, CCS has played a leading role in contributing to strategic social service planning for the area. It has solid relationships with virtually all not-for-profit organizations, government societies, service clubs, church groups and community resources. 

  • Volunteers will be given a list of essential items which they collect and purchase on behalf of seniors and will be shopping for two senior households at a time. 
  • Volunteers must have the financial capacity to pay for the groceries (up to $75.00 per client) and then be reimbursed within a two-week period by Chilliwack Community Services. 
  • Proper handwashing and health/safety measures must be adhered to while shopping. 
  • Protective gear (masks and gloves) required  

Be part of the solution by helping in our community during this time of need.