Hi Kids!

Pastor James spoke on Sunday morning about “Staying Close”. It was part 5 of our “Close Encounters- Ordinary People experiencing and extra ordinary God” series and he did an excellent job! I hope you enjoyed his words as much I did!
I have been reading over your Sermon Notes (thank you so much handing those in at the info centre!) and I am so inspired to read what YOU wrote about what YOU got out of the sermon.

One thing I noticed was that many of you weren’t sure what CONSISTENCY meant. That is a great question!
Pastor James used this word in a quote by another one of our Pastors, Keri Harvey, when he said “The devil is not so much afraid of our breakthrough, as he is of our consistency.”
Consistency is defined by the dictionary as: steady devotion or support of the same principle, course or action.
In this case, consistency means a continued passion, love and devotion for God and His presence on a daily basis. Pastor James talked about how we sometimes have a mountain top experience, where you feel the presence of God in a real way and God gives you a promise. Maybe Kids Camp, Prophetic meetings or other Sunday mornings are those mountain top experiences for you. The problem (which pastor James talked about) is that we cannot live on the mountain top experiences, we must come down from the mountain and figure out how to hold or believe God’s promises by STAYING CLOSE to God.

There were 4 ways to stay close to God taken from our main passage which was by David in Psalm 27:
1. Maintain a soft heart.
2. Direct your passion (I loved your pictures of Pastor James’ passion on his bike!)
3. Value gathering in church by making it a habit (another way CONSISTENCY helps us stay close)
4. Practice Davids’s Secret: Psalm 27:6 “Then my head will be exalted above the enemies who surround me; at his sacred tent I will sacrifice with shouts of joy; I will sing and make music to the Lord.”

This week as you think about this message, try reading Psalm 27 again and asking God to speak to you as you purpose to encounter God on a consistent basis. Comment here and tell what you are learning from this chapter of the Bible this week!

Don’t forget to hand in your Sermon Notes at the info centre on your way out to win a prize!
This week’s winners are: Josh Neudorf, Adelina Daher, Abi Gidon, Nathanael Mihai, Joseph Mihai & Naleigha Morris. (Collect your prize on Sunday!)

Stay tuned next week for another great sermon and more great ENCOUNTERS with our awesome God!

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