Hi Kids!

I hope that you were all able to make it to church on Sunday to hear Pastor Justin Manzey preach an incredible message called “The Bridge- The Mission- The Process” from 2 Peter 1:3-4.

I LOVED your drawings this week of bridges and will be posting photos of them later this week!

In your Kids Sermon Notes this week, I noticed you were wondering about the meaning of the words “intimacy” & “destiny.” Pastor Justin used these words in his answer to the question, “Intimacy with God brings about your destiny.” What a powerful statement, if you know what he means! Here is some insight to help you unpack that statement. To be intimate with God, means to know Him closely and affectionately, to be familiar with God and His character. Secondly, the dictionary says that destiny is “the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible course of events.” Based on these definitions we can reword this answer to say this: Knowing God closely and affectionately brings about my irresistible and inevitable life! Wow! Now I can see that this statement can change the way I think about my life and its purpose. If by getting close to God, I get to live an irresistible life that shines the light of Jesus wherever I go, then sign me up! But how do I know God more?

Knowing God more is where Pastor Justin talked about “the process.” This is the story of our life, as illustrated by the chapter book pastor brought to church this Sunday! God is the author of your story and through your process is writing a story of great destiny!

In your journey to know God more, I want to challenge you to watch one episode of “Buck Denver’s What’s in the Bible” on Right Now media this week. I watched “Clive & Ian’s Knowledge Blimp” and was so encouraged not to worry about my life because God knows everything! Comment here and tell us which movie YOU watched this week and you could win a prize!

In all of this I hope you are seeing that God has an AWESOME plan for your life and wants us to know Him! Wow, what great love!
Hope you have a great week!
See you Sunday!

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