This is our vision. It’s the tomorrow we’re working toward creating today. We understand that Jesus chooses to work through His people, but we know that it’s only His unconditional love and amazing grace that impacts lives and builds a church. Jesus sets us free from our past and gives us hope and purpose for our future. Living with Him as the focus of all that we do causes us to thrive: when life is tough, when things are great and everywhere in between.

This is our mission.  It’s what every person in our church family aspires to do everyday and how we will accomplish our vision.  To live like Jesus means we live life in a way that pleases God and we do what He’s called us to do, both individually and collectively.  To love like Jesus means we care about more than just ourselves and are passionate about bringing Jesus’ love to those around us.

This is our strategy.  It’s what we build the different things that we do as a church around.  We want to be people that grow closer to Jesus everyday, gather weekly with our church family, connect in meaningful relationships through Life Groups, and serve somewhere in the church.  This builds a healthy person and a thriving church.  Click on one of the above icons to learn more.






I personally have never experienced such real and awesome corporate worship until I came to City Life. Getting deep in the Lord's presence and meeting with Him. There's nothing quite like it.

Stephanie Beute

I was attending church off and on for years but still living life my own way. I felt shame when I became pregnant but not once did anyone give me weird looks or say a criticizing comment. In fact, the mom’s group approached me with my newborn and told me all about the group and to come as I was. When we got engaged the church was very supportive. We had great pre-marriage counseling and when we hit a rough patch before our wedding, the church was there to help through the recovery ministry. My husband and I wouldn’t be where we are today without it!

Justina Zeimer

Among other things that impressed me right at the beginning were the wonderful young people at the church. They were friendly and courteous to us older people, and talked to us. They were a great testimony of what the church was like.

Agatha Ratzlaff

One of the most significant things we noticed about when we began attending was the lack of critical judgment. I was pleased to find out that we could relax and just be ourselves and no one said anything if we didn’t dress just right or if the kids weren’t perfectly quiet or if I sang off-key. I could sing and no one frowned!

Lynne Johnson

What makes City Life Church unique?

  • Come as you are. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, you’re welcome.
  • Every generation matters. From the youngest to the oldest, this church is full of amazing people living and loving like Jesus in every season of life. Learn more about specific ministries by clicking here.
  • We’ve only had two lead pastors in over fifty years. There is a stability, longevity, consistency and health in our eldership and pastoral teams. Learn more by reading “Our Story So Far”.
  • When we gather, we love to worship. This church has always prioritized worshipping Jesus. We know that being in His presence together restores, refreshes and renews.
  • Every person has a place to connect. Our Life Groups make sure that no one has to live isolated, disconnected or lonely lives, and provides a great opportunity for leaders to grow and serve each other.
  • We’re serious about connecting in our community and in our world. If you have a heart to serve those in need in our city, check out the many ways City Life Centre is engaged in meeting people at their point of need. Our Global Outreach impacts many nations around the world with the life and love of Jesus.